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Incentive Spirometry for Lung Function

We see patients on a daily basis who suffer from decreased lung function that results in shortness of breath. This is not only uncomfortable, it’s stressful for the child and parent experiencing it. While it might seem like exercising the lungs would be more stressful, that’s actually exactly what your child’s lungs might need. For many of our patients who experience distress while breathing, we prescribe incentive spirometry for lung function.

The incentive spirometer helps to improve lung function when it is used regularly and as prescribed by the doctor. This tool is portable, easy to use, and painless.

The tool works by simply having a child breathe into it (your doctor will prescribe certain parameters for your child to start at depending on their case). As you breathe deeply, pressure works to pop open the alveoli in your lungs, which ultimately improves lung function.

Opening the airway not only help with breathing, it also reduces a person’s likelihood of developing an illness like pneumonia because mucus doesn’t have a place to build up. The more you keep your alveoli stretched and exercised, the more they can do their job of helping you breathe correctly.

In addition to treating children who are sick, this tool also is used when a child has come out of surgery. Because they’re resting more and not as active, their lungs aren’t being exercised like they normally are. This tool helps to keep their lungs in shape and/or get them where they need to be so that they don’t develop an infection while they’re healing.

If your child suffers from respiratory distress or will be undergoing surgery, talk with us about incentive spirometry. This non-invasive and painless treatment can make a huge difference in the quality of your child’s life and protect them from developing a lung infection.